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 Title: Cooperative Group Work Strategies for the ESL Classroom
KOTESOL  Conference, Daegu,  July, 2005
     KOTESOL , Cheonju,  Nov.  2005
      KOTESOL  Conference, Gwangju,  April, 2006

Title: Student Involved Assessment: Incorporating Students

KOTESOL Guest Lecturer, Daegu,  Sept., 2005
      KOTESOL Symposium, Daejon, Sept., 2005
      KOTESOL Guest Lecturer, Busan, Oct., 2005
      KOTESOL Daegu Conference, Daegu, July, 2006

Title: Strategies for Maintaining the English Only Classroom
KOTESOL Symposium, Daejon, Sept., 2005
      English 2005 Expo, Seoul,  Dec. 2005

 Title: Teaching with Songs and Chants
Woonjin Think Big, Masan,   Feb. 2006
    KOTESOL Conferance, Gwangju, April 2006

 Title: Immersion Language Teaching: Future of EFL Education
        Co-presenting with Carl Dusthimer, director GECF English Villages

       English 2005 Expo,  Seoul,  Dec. 2005


Research Projects

Student Assessment and Learning

In progress, Kyungbook National University Middle School, 2006-2011
A five year study to determine the quality of current students assessment practices and how changes effect life-long decision making and goal attainment.

Case Study Task Based Learning Environments: A new alternative to the national curriculum

Pilot Phase, Full project launch 2006-07, Kyungbook National University Middle School, In collaboration with Dr. Andrew Finch (KNU), Sally Seong (Shi-min H.S.) and Me-ai Lee (Gu-am M.S.)
A one year study to determine the effects of task based learning environments on studentís acquisition of language.


Education, Honors, and Certifications

M.E. Curriculum Design, Instructional Strategies and Assessment (Average 4.0)
Walden University
, Bloomington, IN. Spring 2006

Bachelor of
Humanities with Distinction, Shimer College, Waukegan, IL. 1999


       Certificate of Appreciation for Program Contribution, GECF 2005
Certificate of Appreciation for Educational Program Development, GECF 200
Notice of Recognition for Program Innovation, SCHOLASTIC 2003

National Youth Service Award 200
0 and 2001




Kyungbook National University Middle School, Daegu KOREA

Curriculum Writer/Teacher, January 2006-Present

Writing, developing materials, and teaching of immersion language program for 1st through 3rd year middle school. 

Gyeonggi English Village, Paju Camp: Gyeonggi English Cultural Foundation, Suwon KOREA

Lead Curriculum Writer, September 2005-December 2005

Wrote and developed program for a multi-purpose dynamic public works English Village program.  

Gyeonggi English Village, Ansan Camp: Gyeonggi English Cultural Foundation, Si-Heung KOREA
Program Manager, Teacher May 2004-September 2005

Managed curriculum development of five distinct programs; trained and evaluated teachers.

St. Paul Academy, Daegu KOREA
Head Teacher, May 2002- May 2004
Program development of Scholastic books for concentrated EFL program.

Jane Addams Hull House, Chicago USA
Assistant Program Director/Curriculum Developer January 2002-May 2002
Developed Arts program for low-income families in the LeClaire community in Chicago.

Americorps Project Yes: Northwestern University Settlement House, Chicago USA
Artist Teacher/Mentor, August 2000- December 2001
Tutor and Mentor for school-age and Head Start program; developed Technology curriculum for ESL learners.

Americorps Integrating Arts/Integrating Education: Northwestern University Settlement House, Chicago USA
Artist Teacher, January 2000-July 2000
Developed and taught arts and music programming for specific content such as science, social studies and mathematics.



Freelance, Training, and Consultation

EFL/ESL Publisher
Freelance Writer, Present
Writing , programs and materials for ESL education

       Writing curriculum for music, art and drama programs.
Writing script and content for supplemental materials to compliment curriculum

Teacher training and development
Providing feedback and consultation on programs

 Woonjing Think Big, Global Education Center
Teacher Training August 2006
Teacher training in classroom management, EFL strategies, and utilization of facilities specific materials  

 Incheon English Village

Teacher Training February 2006
Teacher training and staff development in immersion language village methodology. 

 Incheon English Village

Curriculum Writer, December 2005
Program and materials development for content based immersion language programs. 



Professional Affiliations

Korean Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages
Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages
KOTESL Teacher Training











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